About Me

If there were an award for surviving and persisting through the most storms, I’d have the Golden Globe of Shitstorms. I promise to offend you, defend you, and to never pretend for you. I am what I am. I focus on everything but being a momma, like my namesake.  

I persisted through latent Complex PTSD in order to pursure my Bachelor’s and Master of Social Work degrees and go on to be a therapist. I’ve worked with every type of illness, I have been diagnosed with some mental illness. My true love, however, was working with those suffering from substance abuse disorders, even the court-appointed ones. 

Point is, I would like to become a life coach for you, using my skill set as a BSW, MSW, and LSW. I want to see you through you break-ups, your anxiety symptoms, your PTSD coping mechanisms, substance abuse issues, and anything else you have to throw my way! All virtually! Contact me for pricing and scheduling today!

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